Ep. 3 – When I moved to Paris

I moved to Paris because living in Paris on my own was on my bucket list. Ever since I was little. I used to have this little jar in my bedroom. That I decorated with pink tissue paper with flowers. It had a gold heart sticker, with the words “Paris Fund” on it.

End of december 2016, I moved to Paris. I had two suitcases. And no apartment. I got to Paris, and had to find an apartment that same day. Or stay in an Airbnb that night. I visited one apartment, and moved into the second one. It was 2 minutes walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. You could see the Tower’s reflection, in the windows across the street. At night, around 11, it would sparkle. Sometime’s I watched it. The first time I watched it, was on New Years 2017.

Place Trocadero is always busy. Its loud. I liked looking out from the window, watching over the roof tops of Paris. Wondering where the buildings were, and if people inside them were watching over the rooftops as well. Because watching something from above… it’s a lot different than watching something from underneath. Sometimes I’d see balloons floating in the sky afar. Most of the times I just saw birds, but never heard them sing.