Ep. 2 – How To Live In Paris

How to live in Paris. Go there. Get an apartment. Move in. Go to the Grocery Store. Buy Food. Go back to your apartment. Prepare food. Eat food. Watch a movie. Go to sleep. Wake up. Brush your teeth. Brush your hair. Skip breakfast. Leave your apartment. Lock the door behind you. Take the elevator. Go downstairs. Go outside. Pick your transportation. Choose the bus. Just because you can see outside. Let the bus take you to the stop nearest to work. Make sure you press the stop button. Realise the stop button is already on. Get off the bus. Walk to work. Get to work. Sit down at your desk. Do some useful stuff. At 1:30 leave work. Go outside. Walk to the store. Pick your food. Usually just fruit. Because you don’t really eat anything else. Eat. Go back to work. Do some more stuff. At 6pm head to the nearest bus stop. Wait for the bus. The bus arrives. Get on the bus. Beep your bus pass. Sit down. If there’s a seat left. Stand if there’s an old lady who wants to sit. Let the bus get stuck in traffic. Then let it take you to the nearest stop home. Get off the bus. Walk to your building. Put in the code to the 1st door. Then the 2nd door. Then get into the elevator. Let it take you to your floor. Then walk to your door. Open your door. Take your shoes off. Take your clothes off. Put your PJs on. Lie down. Eat Something. Write. Meditate. Then wash your face. Brush your teeth. Take a shower. Watch a TV show. Then fall asleep. And wake up the next morning. And do the same. Tomorrow.

It’s really not that hard.