Ep. 4 – Not being french

When you’re an American living in France, you’ll always feel like a tourist. There’s this constant feeling of inadequacy. When you realise you’ll never be a fully rounded, traditional member of the french society. No matter how long you’ve been living there. I moved to France when I was 8 years old. Today, I am twenty. My french is perfect. I’ve always been a good student in school. And I have a good number of amazing french friends. However, I don’t always get their expressions, can’t always tell when they’re being sarcastic, and don’t know any of their famous people (- except for a very few) . So culturally, I haven’t completely transitioned yet.

I imagine that people can’t tell that I’m not french when I’m walking down the street. There’s no real tell that would lead anyone to believe that I’m not. I have no accent. No obnoxious fashion sense. I read french books on public transport, and one of my passports is the same colour as french people’s. No one knows that I’m not french, except me.