Ep. 8 – My Week in Press

Hi there! Sunday recap of the highlights of the press I’ve read this week is here. These are all articles that were the most interesting to me, that I think everyone should read. All these pieces have an incredible story, are well written, or simply share information that I find relevant – and maybe you will too!

Happy Sunday!


 It’s sort of stupefying to realise that minds from 70 years ago could forespeak the world we’d be living in today. Or, more accurately, it’s saddening to recognise deceit and lies cannot be vanished just by shinning some light on them. We might all believe it’s obvious, that everyone is aware of what is happening in our political environment. But if everyone knew the darker reality of things, they wouldn’t be happening. And if no one had any investment into preserving this cascade lies, none of this would be happening.

When there’s so much investment in sinister ideas or a mistaken beliefs, they will stay alive. However they will inexorably be living on some kind of spurious life support, because no lies truly live. They will still exist, like dark filters over a picture, dimming details and hiding the facts of our objective reality. That is, until someone pulls the plug, lifts the filters, and theres no longer enough structure or sense to preserve the illusion.

This was the best article I’ve ever read about writing tips. If you’ve ever wanted to write, you need to read this. It seems to be addressed to fiction writers primarily, but I know that no matter what kind of writing you do, this is a great resource. It’s a long article, so read it when you’re in the mood and have time. I couldn’t recommend it more.

From the Photo London event, to the prestigious Biennale di Venezia, and the Frieze Art Fair in New York… All the cool places we all wish we were visiting this month!


I’ve always known that words largely influence the world and environment we live in. We use words to interpret the world around us, transfer information, beliefs and thoughts. You yourself have your own vision of the world, and everyone else has theirs. You don’t have to see, feel or think the same way as others do. It’s the greatest expression of freedom of you have.  However, it does become a problem when your words stop meaning anything, and your conversation is blurring the lines between truth and lie, real life and illusion. Just like actions, when your words start hurting or infringing on other’s freedom, it’s not okay.

And it becomes a problem, when you’re a person in power, spreading conflicting information and lies. Because, while we all may be entitled to our own perspective, there is such a thing as Real facts and made up ones (or contorted ones). And if you want to see and experience the world as it really is, you can do so only by understanding it as something that is shared by many people. Only in the freedom of our speaking with one another does the world, as that about which we speak, emerge in its objectivity and visibility from all sides.

Some of today’s politicians are assigning the wrong words to things, events. They are changing the meaning of something, by assigning it a different name to make it more “workable” for them. And it seems that no one is being held accountable for false information being spread. Are the lines between good judgement and bad judgement slowly being erased? Is the world we live in today becoming hinged by the ill-assignment of language? Why is the leader of the free world, a man who is against freedom of speech, and incapable of an objective and open mindset? Why has lying became the new norm?

Great thought article from The New York Review of Books, a must read!

This article is about the history of women’s participation in Science, particularly women mathematicians during the Space Race, and the important role they had in landing the first man on the moon (and getting him back safely).

I really recommend reading this article if you’re into science, history and/or women movement! Also , check out these books about the history discussed in this piece, I know I will!

>Books mentioned in this article:

Hidden Figures : The Untold Story of the African American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race;

The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars ;

Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars;



This article shun some light on a topic I had vaguely thought about before in the past, but never read about anywhere. Why are there so many stressed women (and some men) out there? Why are women more at risk for depression than men? Taking in account all the biology that comes into play, the place of women in society has taken a heavier load. First taking in account the transition from the pre-feminist movement, to the post-feminism society. A lot has changed. We’ve fought to create a society in which women can live equally along men. And we’ve gone a long way from where we were 50 years ago. As women, we know what our rights are, and we stand up for them. We work, we have families, we create things, we build companies, and we manage them. We take off more than we can chew, because we like it. We like bitting our teeth into challenges that are difficult. Challenges that makes us become better, stronger, smarter. Challenges that chases out our fears by confronting them. We take on a lot of responsabilities, because we like it. But what do we like about it? Do we like being stressed? Are we “pro-stress”, of is stress just inevitable? Has our life became about finding things to stress about? Has stress became some sort of social status currency? Is that what our culture has been teaching us? (Turns out, yes. Check out this other article.)

We’ve been living the saying that “whatever comes easy, isn’t worth having”. And it’s true; in many ways, for a lot of things. But does that necessarily mean that we can’t be happy, and have all the great things that we want? Do we really have to give up our own happiness and well being, in order to accomplish amazing things? There’s no right or wrong answer. But like the article says “Don’t be afraid to say no”. I guess it’s our job just to choose the right things to say no to. And our happiness and well-being are probably not the right ones to neglect.

Check out this very interesting article on Girl Boss! Must read!