Ep. 11 – My Week in Press (2)


Happy Sunday all of you! This week went by so fast. Seriously. A lot of what I read this week is from Man Repeller and Girlboss, because honestly – they’re my go to places on the Internet. Hope you will find these articles as fun and interesting as I did!



I just recently rewatched Sex in the City, so this article was sort of just hilarious to me, and bitter-sweet reminder that you shouldn’t believe everything you watch on television.


Beautifully written, inspiring, and amazingly honest article by Callie Ahlgrim at Man Repeller.

What if day time socializing  was the great new thing? A contemplation.



The title  of this article actually holds truth. Haley Nahman discusses life with Lauren Handel Zander, and some actually helpful life tips emerge! I think I will be reading the book soon! *immediately buys book on amazon*