Ep. 26 – Suits that are gunna make you feel *classy* this summer

Summer has finally arrived. This week, Paris has hit record highs for the year, hitting us with 35°C+ temperatures… It’s time to get out the flip-flops, the parasols, the bathing suits and hit the beach. I just recently bought a new bathing suit that I can’t wait to wear during my vacation in Croatia in July. It’s a one piece, which I’m not used to wearing – at least not since I passed the age of 12. I surprisingly, fell in love with it, and I’m planning on wearing more one piece suits from now on!

So I wanted to share with you some suits that I’m particularly fond of, that are resting in my shopping cart that this moment…

One thing I like about one piece suits, is their ability to classify your beach style in an instant. There’s something just I find so sophisticated and elegant about them. What do you guys think about one piece suits? I’d love to hear about some of your favorite swimsuit brands!

  • Love the striped number and always a big fan of the classic one piece, so glad to see you giving it some love!

    Sophie | lovefromberlin.net

    • Thanks @disqus_Ice2PIGjss:disqus! Yes, can’t wait to wear them this summer!

      Meg | its.meg-ramsay.com