Ep. 29 – Choosing the Future (& what not to pack)

Choosing the future, means letting go of the past. It means saying goodbye to your previous life, and welcoming on your new one. And it also means, you gotta pack up your shit. (Pardon my French).

During the end of last year, I moved out of my mom’s place, to move into a shoeboxed sized apartment in Paris. And while this wasn’t the first time I made an extended exit of the comfort of my family home, it felt like a totally new adventure. It was sort of a dream I had chosen to accomplish, knowing it was the best and probably the last chance I would have to do it.

Fast forward to today, I’m sitting in my tiny apartment thinking about what I want to bring with me on the next chapter of my life. And a really big part of me wants to leave 80% of it behind, and just make do with my newest clothes, my Clinique creams, my SPF 100% sunscreen, and my Macbook Pro. Like what else could you possibly really need, right?

Of course, while I’ve been fond of the principles of minimalism, it’s easy to get into exaggeration mode. And, at the same time, it’s also hard to actually apply principles of minimalism, that is doing with the bare minimum, and getting rid/giving away shit you just. Don’t. Need. (To see ever again).

Now, because I’ve been moving a lot during these last 3 years or so ever since I started college, I’ve been obligated to cut back massively. Mainly because I didn’t have the comfort that I used to have as a teenager, of living in a huge house in the french country side (with an equally huge garage, where I never had to get rid of anything).

I was at my mom’s place last weekend, and we were sorting through some of my clothes that I had left with her, in her little shed/storage area in her garden at her new house. I sorted through a lot, and decided to let go of a lot. And while some of it was hard to let go, now, with some looking back, I can’t help but thinking: “Should I just let it all go?”

Mind me, I’m just talking about clothes, here. I mean, you never know when you could need a dark green cable knit sweater from Urban Outfitters.

Being an american/irish kid who moved from the United States to France at a young age, I’ve became accustomed to just moving, and leaving the past behind, I guess. New adventures are always very appealing to me. I tell everyone I know that I just can’t see myself in the same place, or doing the same thing, for more than, like, three years, tops. I’ve became uncomfortable with overly stable, monotone situations, while at the same time, I’ve also been seeking perfect comfort in uncomfortable, instable situations.

And this has always been a huge dilemma for me. Because there’s always this side of me wanting to go, and wanting to stay at the same moment. Obviously, being in two places at once, is impossible. But I think, (that I’m over intellectualising this), that it all comes back to One. Damn. Thing.

A little something people like to call: F.O.M.O.

Fear of missing out. Fear of missing out on what I have now, and what I could potentially gain. Fear of missing out on the benefits of staying, and on the benefits of leaving. Fear of missing out on owning an Urban Outfitters cable knit sweater, and not owning one.

This is something I haven’t figured out yet. I’m still at two decades on my time line, and I guess my biggest hope is that I’m not going to collect too many regrets, and make too many bad decisions.

Do you experience F.O.M.O? And in so, when and in what way? I’ve love to hear your opinions on this.


Not my photo. Source unknown.

  • Wishing you all the best!! This is such a great post and it’s good to see you moving on and doing new things in life. Many people wouldn’t actually want to leave 80% behind but it’s so refreshing to see that you want to start on and do new things.

    You will always have the memories with you, that’s one thing you will never lose and as long as you’re positive and happy in the options you choose – you’ll be just fine!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your other posts and how you get on! 🙂

    Wishing you a great weekend lovely.

    Layla xx


    • MegRamsay

      Dear Layla

      This is so nice of you to say!! Yes, indeed, it was kind of “scary” moving on, and taking a risk on new things, but I feel like you kinda have to in life – when opportunities come your way, it’s good to welcome them in your life, and fully experience them. Sure, it can be somewhat “uncomfortable” for a while, since it’s all new and unknown, but it’s great also because it really opens your mind up in a lot of ways.

      I could’ve easily stayed in a situation which I was very comfortable with, and could’ve done things in the way I was always “expecting” to, but I really like doing something I wasn’t expecting. Suprises make life more interesting and challenging – in a good way!

      Any way, thanks for your lovely comment and after when I get back from Croatia I’ll be posting a lot more ! 🙂

      – Meg