Ep. 34 – Low maintenance plants, that will even keep you healthy

I love plants. I love them outdoors, but I also can't help wanting to bring the jungle indoors, too.

Moving to a new apartment soon, I wanted to research which kinds of low-maintenance plants I could introduce into our new place, and be able to keep alive long term.

So, like any self-respectable control freak who likes to plan everything out and research things, I did just that. And just in case you wanted to upgrade your own indoor jungle, I've made this list to share with all who wish to venture down that path.

Here is a list of the easiest plants to keep alive indoors, which not only add aesthetic qualities to your interior decoration, but also have loads of health benefits. Kudos!


Why we ❤️ it : As you may already very well know - this succulent with long pointy leaves has medicinal properties: it is anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-inflamatory. You can treat sunburns, acne and stretch marks with it. And treat your home to some exotic/mediteranean vibes with it. Aloe plants can grow up to three feet high and smaller varieties like the infamous aloe vera work great in small and sunny interiors.

How to care for it 💦☀️Aloe likes temperatures around 70 degrees, and a lot of sunlight. It also prefers dry soil, so you don’t have to worry about watering it every day (you’ll probably forget to anyway).

Spider Plant

Why we ❤️ it : The leaves of the Spider plant look as messy as your hair when you woke up this morning - and it the greatest way possible. The interesting vibe of the Spider plant not only adds visual interest to a room, but also brings with it a suitcase full of health benefits, too. It is a great way to naturally remove harmful chemicals from the air, so if you live in a polluted city, why not pick up one of these crazy looking plants on your way home from work? It’s able to absorb carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless, and tasteless toxic gas. 

This may seem far fetched, but the Dutch Product Board for Horticulture commissioned a workplace study that discovered that adding plants to office settings, decreases fatigue, colds, headaches, coughs, sore throats and flu-like symptoms.

Spider plants come in a number of different varieties, and work great as hanging plants.

How to care for it 💦☀️Spider plants like evenly moist soil (not too wet), and bright to medium lighting conditions.  Room temperatures of 60  to 75 degrees keep them thriving.

English Ivy

Why we ❤️ it : Besides its’ super elegant name and the pretty trails it leaves down furniture, it is super easy to start a new plant, just by cutting a section of the stem. Want to find a quick gift that a friend of yours will actually appreciate? Perhaps an English Ivy a perfect symbolisation of your friend: elegant, pretty, and nice to be around and look at every day. (It takes about 1 week or two, so add yourself an iphone reminder to pick out a pretty pot and some good soil).

What’s more, this evergreen climbing vine can substantially reduce the amount of mold in the air of your home, according to research presented to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. As airborne mold spores have been linked to a variety of serious illnesses, English Ivy could reduce indoor mold and help you breathe healthier, cleaner air, beneficial for overall long-term health.

How to care for it 💦☀️English Ivy likes moist soil and cooler room temperature, between mid-50s and 70.

Jade Plant

Why we ❤️ it : The Jade plant has shiny little leaves, and interesting looking branches. It can live on average up to 18 to 20 years, at least! It looks even nicer when you pair it up with other little succulents varieties in a nice pot! And, among other things, some call the Jade Plant, the "Money plant", "Dollar plant", or even the "Friendship plant", and suggest you should leave this plant in your front entrance, and say that might help you increase your cash flow! Couldn't hurt, could it? 

How to care for it 💦☀️: The Jade Plant does not require a lot of water, and likes somewhat dry soil and light on the brighter side. Works well in any room temperature.

Rubber Tree

Why we ❤️ it : The Rubber Plant is easy to grow indoors, has shiny dark green leaves, and can reach up to 8 foot tall, injecting a major modern jungle vibe into a room.

Like a lot of other plants, the Rubber Plant absorbs airborn contaminants, such as carbon dioxide and mold, and releases extra clean oxygen into the hair through its’ leaves, which helps you live in an overall healthier environment.

How to care for it 💦☀️Let the soil dry out in between watering, leave it in medium to bright lighting conditions, and temperatures ranges of 60 to 80 degrees.

Snake Plant

Why we ❤️ it : If you're bad at taking care of living things, consider adopting a Snake (Plant)! It has long wavy leaves that grow upright. It has small white flowers, but you're not all that likely to see them bloom. The Snake plant, among many others mentioned in this post, is air purifying, and can remove formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide produced by fuel buring appliances in your home!

How to care for it 💦☀️This plant isn't picky about what kind of light it needs, and grows perfectly well in a whole range of lighting conditions. It prefers dry air and dry soil, and any normal room temperature suits it just fine.

The Pothos

Why we ❤️ it : First of all, this indoor plant has an air-purifying quality that can absorb and strip toxins like formaldehyde from materials in the home like carpet. How neat is that? It has trailing stems and works well in a hanging basket or as a climbing plant with some training onto a trellis or whatever object you like that will support it.

How to care for it 💦☀️This indoor house plant can produce stems that trail 8 feet or longer, so just cut them back when they get too long and your plant will continue to look full and healthy. It can thrive in an array of lighting conditions, but low light may diminish the leaves' variegation. Allow soil to dry somewhat between watering. Pothos does well in an array of normal room temperatures.

This is just a short list! When I go shopping for plants for our new appartment, I will be sure to make another post about that. I'll update soon! x

  • Thanks so much for this post! I wanted to research the best plants for indoor to clean the air that are low maintenance, but I kept putting it off. So, you saved me from doing it! haha. Also, I love the way you organized this post and the images! <3

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com

    • You’re so very welcome Nathalie! Glad it could come into handy for you, it has served its’ purpose ! 🙂 x